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DISHWorld IPTV offers international programming to customers who do not have access to satellite television. This new solution offers a selection of Hindi-language, Arabic-language, and Urdu-language programming using Internet Protocol TV (IPTV) technology, which does not require a satellite dish.

 Available Programming
Hindi-Language Programming                       Price
Hindi Mega Pack                                             $59.99/mo
Hindi Super Pack                                            $44.99/mo
Hindi Elite Pack                                              $34.99/mo*
Pick Any Two Channels                                 $24.99/mo*
B4U Movies                                                     $19.99/mo*                                                       
Set Max                                                            $19.99/mo*
Sports Package (Available in Arabic also)   $19.99/mo*
Hindi News Pack                                             $9.99/mo*     

*$6.00/mo service Access fee applies for programming that is less than $44.99/mo

Urdu-Language Programming                           Price
Urdu GEO TVC                                                  $19.99/mo*                                                       Urdu ARY Digital ALC                                      $14.99/mo*

*$6.00/mo Service Access fee applies for programming that is less than $44.99/mo

Arabic-Language Programming                            Price                                                     Arabic Elite Super Pack                                     $49.00/mo*
Arabic Elite Pack                                                $34.99/mo*
Arabic Enhanced Pack                                      $29.99/mo*
Arabic Music Pack (Add-On)                             $10.00/mo
Aghapy (Add-On)                                                 $5.00/mo
Igraa (Add-On)                                                      $5.00/mo
Noursat (Add-On)                                                 $ 5.00/mo

*$6.00/mo service Access fee applies for programming that is less than $44.99/mo



What you need to know.

No qualification process or Social Security Number required.
Available only in the 50 United States (Puerto Rico and US Virgin Islands are excluded).
HDTV not required (International programming is offered in SD only).
Recommended internet speed is 1.5 Mbps or higher (an Internet connection speed of 1.0 Mbps is required).
Easy self-install (a set-top-box is mailed directly to subscriber with easy-to-follow instructions.                                                                                     
One account required per TV (if you want service on two TVs, you must create an additional account and will receive two billing statements).

What is IPTV?

IPTV stands for Internet Protocol TV. IPTV delivers your favorite international programming through a broadband connection. Simply connect your IPTV set top box (provided by DISH Network) to your internet router and receive your favorite shows on your TV.

How easy is set up?

Set up is simple. After your order is completed online, your set top box will be shipped directly to your residence with set up instructions. You can also access them online with your home computer. All you have to do is connect your TV and Ethernet cable to your DISH Network IPTV box and plug it in. Just follow the steps above and you will be watching your favorite channels within minutes.

Still have questions?

Call  1 800 331-8295 and ask to speak to an IPTV agent