Antenna Selector

CEA is the Consumer Electronics Association

which sponsors the Antenna Selector wheel.

Important Note:  Your results will show antennas that will work in the CEA color you've selected. The antennas listed will also work in colors below your selected color. For example, a red designated antenna would also work in green designated areas. Similarly, you can also select a higher color than your site requires. Digital signals can be harder to receive than analog, and to underestimate your antenna requirements can lead to reception drop outs.

Attic Installation: If you decide to install your antenna in an attic or indoors, you will need up to twice as big of antenna than you would need in an outdoor installation. You may also have to include a pre-amplifier.

Best Installation: Other site features can also degrade reception, such as metal roofing, radient barrier insulation, and nearby obstructions. The best installation is outdoors, as high as possible with a clear line of sight to the TV broadcast tower.