HD Antenna Digital Pre-Amplifiers

The function of a preamplifier is to amplify a low-level signal to the original strength of the signal. As an example if your signal loss caused by the length of your coax run or use of splitters is equal to 10db, you can add a 10db preamplifier to receive the original signal strength.

A preamplifier cannot make up for low to no signal at the original location. It can only make up for the signal lost over the coax.


Winegard AP8275 Digital Pre-Amplifier

AP Series HDTV Digital Preamplifiers
75 or 300 ohm input and universal housing for use with any off-air TV antenna to stay clean, dry and weather-protected. Zinc-plated steel hardware; all mounting hardware included. Specialized circuitry featuring fast recovery diode that protects against lightning-caused pulses.

Selectable FM trap reduces FM signals (88-108 MHz) -15 dB to prevent overload, tunable FM trap reduces a 3 MHz band width by -12 dB.

AP-8275 Preamp
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AP-8700 Preamp